The 5 Rivers

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Aside from being the title of the program, the 5 Rivers refers to the 5 aspects of the program. They are:

Conservation: Anything from a club stream clean up or restoration project to a water resource advocacy project. 

Community Outreach: Each Club completes an event that engages their campus and/or local community. This can range from a Project Healing Waters event to a learn to fly fish event on campus.

Costa Ambassadorship: Each President, if they so choose, has the option to become the Costa Campus Ambassador for their college.

Fundraiser: Each club completes a fundraiser to cover the cost of their annual programming. This can be anything from selling club T shirts, to a GoFundMe page.

Trout Unlimited Connection: Each club works with their local local TU Chapter (if present) to complete their club goals for the school year. Club events (conservation, community outreach, Fundraiser) are a great way to involve your local TU Chapter.

Upon completion of these initiatives, the club earn "5 Rivers Pro" status, which gives every member of their club discounts on equipment ranging from rods, reels, waders, and tying materials as a way to reduce the prohibitive cost curve into getting into the sport. 

***Note: Each club is encouraged but is not required to complete these initiatives to be part of the TU Costa 5 Rivers affiliated network.