Before the Float

It’s been quite the journey so far for the TU Costa 5 Rivers Odyssey team. After the educational and action-packed adventures in Cooper Landing on the Kenai and Russian rivers with the US Forest Service and TU Staff, we headed back to Anchorage. After the Informative and eye-opening meetings with Shannon with Alaska Marine Conservation Council, former senator Rick Halford, Dan with Bristol Bay Native Corporation,and Dave with Trout Unlimited Alaska, we set our sights for Bristol Bay, specifically the Koktuli River. This river is extremely remote which will involve taking two float planes to a 1/2 mile portage with all of our gear. We each are allotted 70 pounds of gear for this trip which will be commandeered by the man the myth the legend himself Chuck Ash, along with Alaska TU Staff, the Salmon Steward, Eric Booton!  We will be floating the Koktuli River for eight days tasked with fishing, documenting, and investigating the wild area Pebble Mine threatens to destroy. Filled with zeal from the research we’ve conducted, the people we’ve met, and the stories we’ve heard it is time to go the heart of the threatened area.  

“There is hope for everyone.” – Chuck Ash, 44 plus years guiding

What We’re Excited About: 

Anthony: Being the deepest in the wilderness he's ever been. 

Kylie: Seeing wildlife like bears, moose, bald eagles and river otters 

Libby: Hearing Chuck’s stories about Alaska and seeing a part of Alaska most native Alaskans don’t even see 

McCarthy: Taking it all in and gaining a better understanding of the hydrology in the area 

-McCarthy Kessler