Why Should You and Your Club Come to the 5 Rivers Rally?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, the answer is obvious, get your butt down to the Nantahala Outdoors Center in Bryson City, NC in October.

1.     Do want to meet and build connections with other college students who are as passionate and curious about the sport as you are?

2.     Do you want to fish one of the best stretches of trout water in the East? (NC state record brown trout was caught there)

3.     Do you like free food and lodging for a weekend?

4.     Have you ever wanted meet the guys from Costa Sunglasses GeoBass/Fish series?

5.     Do you want to rub elbows with industry professionals?

6.     Do you like winning cool gear and trips?

7.     Do you want to prove that you are the most creative fly-tier in 5 Rivers? Prove it during the Pig Farm Ink Iron Fly Event!

8.     Do want to see an exclusive screening of the Fly Fishing Film Tour?

9.     Do you want to spend a weekend off campus in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina?

Basically, don’t miss this sweet opportunity for a weekend you won’t forget.  Last year’s Rally revolutionized the way I thought about fly-fishing and lit a fire under me to pursue the sport as more than a hobby.  Talk to your club about attending and get registered ASAP so you can get the primo indoor housing and camping spots! It will be nuts!


-Intern Zaz