Photo: Oliver Rogers

As president of a 5 Rivers club, you have the opportunity to become a campus Ambassador for Costa Sunglasses. As a Costa Ambassador, you are not asked to take on any additional duties above and beyond the presidential roles. But you’re encouraged to do a fantastic job! We will provide you with a pair of Costa sunglasses on a yearly basis which will be facilitated through Andrew Loffredo, the 5 Rivers Coordinator.

We want the focus of this Ambassadorship to be aimed exclusively at improving your respective club.  Engaging your campus community, including those who don’t fish, is crucial to the success of your club and being a Costa Ambassador. Grow membership, bring your members to the rallies, and execute successful events, gatherings, meetings and conservation projects. Keep track and document what your club does, take pictures of the events, post on social media and write down highlights and other important information. Get creative with what your club does but don’t worry about how creatively you present it to Costa and TU. For example, throwing a spectacular event or gathering for your campus community will weigh much higher than conducting a mediocre event but doing an exceptional job documenting it.


Costa Ambassadors are evaluated on a semester basis. Those who demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities are rewarded for their efforts.

For the 2015-16 school year, 11 top Costa Ambassadors won prizes including custom packs, Yeti Coolers, and a fishing trip of a lifetime!

Gracie Baldwin (Colby College) and Oliver Nettere (Washington and Lee University) were selected as the Top Costa Ambassadors of this past school year, and won a trip to Pesca Maya Lodge, Ascension Bay, Mexico.



When determining top Costa Ambassadors each semester, we evaluate each on the criteria listed below:

- Club Growth: How much has your club grown over the course of the school year, is it a new club?

- Outreach: How effectively has your club engaged your campus/ local community, have your reached out to other 5 Rivers clubs/ your local TU chapter in the area to do joint programming, have you helped get other clubs off the ground at other universities?

- Events: How many people attended, level of difficulty, was your TU Chapter/ another 5 Rivers club involved?

- Media: Social Media posts, did you you make a video about the club/ an event that you hosted?

Each semester an Ambassador submits a report to the 5 Rivers Coordinator describing club activities for that semester such as club events, how they engaged their local TU chapter and other 5 Rivers clubs in the area, or anything else that was noteworthy (I.E. doubled the size of the club in one semester).